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My Experience of ‘Oblivious’

Hi guys

As mentioned in other blog posts we decided to undertake a short film project that showed how people need to be more aware while using mobile phones. However where other blog posts have discussed each step of the process, i thought i would tell you a bit about my experiences throughout the project.


This project was different to previous projects i have done as i have previously done more interview based one to one style and this was a single camera more hard hitting short story. In this project we would be using a motor vehicle and be filming near roads which meant that we would need to apply different risk assessments in order to adhere to correct film practices. . I have originally only needed to use generic risk assessment that involved minimal risks, however for this project i learnt how to do a supplementary risk assessment to ensure that we had taken all the risks into account. I found this difficult at first as i had never done this before however i did some research online at other similar risk assessments which helped me build our final assessment.

Production –

For the production we were using the DJI Ronin M. In previous projects i have worked with cameras such as the Sony EX-1 and EX-3 which has been fixed on a tripod with limited mobility however for this project i got the chance to experience using the DJI Ronin Stabalisation. I found that at first this camera took a while to get used to holding as the weight is distributed across your arms only and so you have to have quite a bit of strength in order to film longer scenes, although it provided a lot more smoothness to the shots we wanted. I was able learn the stabalisation procedures of the Ronin and learn how it is set up correctly and how to handle it correctly. This was done through the help of other team members. I was also able to operate the camera and film a few scenes which i enjoyed a lot and found it to be a very good experience.

Post production-

For the editing of the film we used Premier pro as described in other posts however we also used after effects which i have only used slightly. From this process i learned how to manipulate each of the primary colours through colour curves and apply them to an adjustment layer which was then used throughout the film to highlight the more blue tones and get rid of the warmer colours such as the reds, as we wanted our film to look more dreamlike and so it had to look less like reality and enhance the overall feel.

In the adjustment layer i also learnt how to apply black cinematic lines to add a more professional finish to it.

The final skill that i learnt to do was masking which we used to allow one of the characters to disappear from one scene to the next. I learnt that we needed to draw around the object that we wanted to disappear and then through transitions and effects applied we could transition to a different scene with the same actors except the one we wanted to make disappear so when we played it through it appeared that he just vanished. This was one of the most enjoyable skills i learnt during this project.

I have learnt from this a lot of new skills and i have found it to be a very enjoyable experience. I am glad i was able to take part in such a different style of filming and broaden my experience of different setting and various equipment along with creating a new style of product. Overall i would defiantly do it again and would love to take on similar projects in future. I would also like to thank the rest of the team for helping me learn new skills and for making the experience very enjoyable.

Thanks Emma







Superhero Landings Supercuts

Our second assignment for our Creative Media Project was to create a mashup, remix or Supercuts lasting around 1-2 minutes. For my project I chose to do a compilation of cuts of superhero landings. Lately superhero and comic movies have become increasingly popular and although each superhero is different they can be linked through the use of the stereotypical ‘superhero landing’ which has become the typical way superheroes make a dramatic entrance within films. I chose this because I am a fam of superheroes and comics and in the most recent film ‘Deadpool’ this exact statement was brought up and so I thought I would be fascinating to do a compilation of many of these ‘’superhero landings’.

To complete this task I first did some research into other similar artefacts, I looked on YouTube of compilations, which I then made notes of the edits used, the music that accompanied it and the specific films the clips were taken from. From this I then collected multiple clips which I would then edit into a finished artefact. Most of the clips were taken from YouTube along with the accompanying music. To edit the clips I used Premier Pro because it works well for small projects and produces a nice outcome. To edit I first chose the music (‘X gon’ give it to ya’- by DMX from dead pool (2016)). I then cut the clips to fit the beat in a fast passed quick cut style. I also intended to match some of the lyrics to the visuals in a literal sense, i.e. the ‘first we gonna rock then we gonna roll’ involves a clip of a woman running and then doing a forward roll. I also used some of the surrounding sounds from the actual film clips from Deadpool meaning that at the beginning and the end there are intro and outro scenes.

Here are some of the references for the clips that I used and viewed in order to help me create my finished artefact. Along with the link to the artefact itself:

YouTube. (2016). Captain America Civil War battle…. [Accessed 11 Mar. 2017] YouTube. (2016). Deadpool – Post Credit Scene.…. [Accessed 10 Mar. 2017] YouTube. (2016). Deadpool – Starting Battle.… [Accessed 9 Mar. 2017]. YouTube. (2016). Everything about superhero landings –…. [Accessed 9 Mar. 2017] YouTube. (2012). Iron man entrance (AC/DC shoot to thrill)…. [Accessed 10 Mar. 2017] YouTube. (2016). Matrix revolutions (Neo Vs Agent Smith).… – [Accessed 11 Mar. 2017] YouTube. (2016). MCU Superhero – Compilation –… [Accessed 9 Mar. 2017] YouTube. (2016). ‘X gong give it to ya’.… – [Accessed 11 Mar. 2017].

Heres the link to My finished video, leave a comment on it and tell me what you think and enjoy.   (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)


Mobile Film Project – ‘Don’t Hide’

Hi ,

This is my one minute video created for our creative media production module.

My idea came from personal issues I have faced in my life. This video was created to bring to light some of the issues people face based on my own experiences. For years I have chosen to stay silent but after experiencing the effects it has I want to show people that even if you don’t want to talk you can channel your energy into something positive. For me this has been dance and film making.

The video was based on Pinks music video ‘perfect’. I used a lot of slow motion in order to create more dramatic scenes by creating tension. I did this by using a app called Slow Motion FX which was free.

I also decided to add the more upsetting scenes in black and white this was done through the internal camera effects, I chose to do this to make people see that there is no happiness in these scenes as there is no colour and very little light.

The whole video was edited in Premier Pro, I found throughout that as my camera on my phone was not great that the footage looked somewhat grainy however I feel that this adds to the mood of the piece and I am happy with how the overall video came out.

Hope you enjoy it.

Emma  (Link to video – )


Mobile Phone – Slow motion Effects

As part of our course we have to create a one minute video using different apps. I recently downloaded an app called Video Slow Reverse, which allows you to adjust the speed of videos taken and save them at slower speeds. You can also reverse the video to play it in reverse effect. I have used the app in my one minute video and found it was great at creating more drawn out tense or dramatic moments.

  • Emma Farr

How we are shown

As part of our module we were tasked with taking a photo of all the items in our bags at the time and this is what I had. It shows me as:

  • Student
  • Worker – (Work Pass)
  • Organised
  • Love Music
  • Hydrated
  • Prepared for cold weatherbag– Emma Farr

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