Hi guys

As mentioned in other blog posts we decided to undertake a short film project that showed how people need to be more aware while using mobile phones. However where other blog posts have discussed each step of the process, i thought i would tell you a bit about my experiences throughout the project.


This project was different to previous projects i have done as i have previously done more interview based one to one style and this was a single camera more hard hitting short story. In this project we would be using a motor vehicle and be filming near roads which meant that we would need to apply different risk assessments in order to adhere to correct film practices. . I have originally only needed to use generic risk assessment that involved minimal risks, however for this project i learnt how to do a supplementary risk assessment to ensure that we had taken all the risks into account. I found this difficult at first as i had never done this before however i did some research online at other similar risk assessments which helped me build our final assessment.

Production –

For the production we were using the DJI Ronin M. In previous projects i have worked with cameras such as the Sony EX-1 and EX-3 which has been fixed on a tripod with limited mobility however for this project i got the chance to experience using the DJI Ronin Stabalisation. I found that at first this camera took a while to get used to holding as the weight is distributed across your arms only and so you have to have quite a bit of strength in order to film longer scenes, although it provided a lot more smoothness to the shots we wanted. I was able learn the stabalisation procedures of the Ronin and learn how it is set up correctly and how to handle it correctly. This was done through the help of other team members. I was also able to operate the camera and film a few scenes which i enjoyed a lot and found it to be a very good experience.

Post production-

For the editing of the film we used Premier pro as described in other posts however we also used after effects which i have only used slightly. From this process i learned how to manipulate each of the primary colours through colour curves and apply them to an adjustment layer which was then used throughout the film to highlight the more blue tones and get rid of the warmer colours such as the reds, as we wanted our film to look more dreamlike and so it had to look less like reality and enhance the overall feel.

In the adjustment layer i also learnt how to apply black cinematic lines to add a more professional finish to it.

The final skill that i learnt to do was masking which we used to allow one of the characters to disappear from one scene to the next. I learnt that we needed to draw around the object that we wanted to disappear and then through transitions and effects applied we could transition to a different scene with the same actors except the one we wanted to make disappear so when we played it through it appeared that he just vanished. This was one of the most enjoyable skills i learnt during this project.

I have learnt from this a lot of new skills and i have found it to be a very enjoyable experience. I am glad i was able to take part in such a different style of filming and broaden my experience of different setting and various equipment along with creating a new style of product. Overall i would defiantly do it again and would love to take on similar projects in future. I would also like to thank the rest of the team for helping me learn new skills and for making the experience very enjoyable.

Thanks Emma