Finally, here is our finished group project, we hope you enjoy!


As a group, we decided to upload our short film to YouTube, we felt that as a platform it is more popular, the most user friendly in comparison to Vimeo and as a website it gives the creator more detailed analytics, such as audience retention, playback traffic, demographics and much more. Unfortunately, due to time restraints we haven’t had many views on the video as of right now so we can’t look at the analytics for the film yet. We all will be individually posting the link to our own social media pages too which will then attract more viewers to the video on YouTube. We have been able to send the video to one of our TV Production lecturers and his feedback was “I like it, very good. Well done everyone!”

As a team, we are very pleased with the outcome of the film, we feel it is engaging and emotive whilst being successful in sending a clear and important message to the viewer. We feel that visually the film is very aesthetically pleasing whilst maintaining consistency throughout. This project gave us the opportunity to experiment with a variety of filming equipment which allowed us to record a lot of creative shots. The music and sound effects we added enhanced the mood of the film and helped to build to a more impactful ending too. 

Even though we are very happy with the film there is always room for improvement. On close inspection, we recently found a few minor continuity errors in the film. To the average viewer they aren’t at all noticeable so we don’t expect those small mistakes to affect the viewing of the film. Also for the future we agreed it would be more beneficial to draw out a more detailed storyboard. This will make it a lot easier for us whilst shooting and we won’t have to rely on our own memory as much. Finally, we think it would be better to be on the safe side and create a more detailed risk assessment for future projects when working with vehicles too.


So, we hope you enjoyed the film, feel free to share it as we would really appreciate that.


From all of us at Ejah Media,

Thank you.