For our final assignment the group was tasked with three different options. We could either choose to produce; a short film, an interactive video or a crowdsourcing project. In a Creative Media Production session, we discussed as a group which option would be best for us and any ideas we had for each.  As predominantly filmmakers we decided the correct choice would be to create a short film and as a team we worked together to come up with a creative and original narrative for this project. A variety of different film ideas and subjects were considered but we soon agreed on a very interesting story. 

Also, in the Pre-production stage we developed a rough storyboard which would later assist us when shooting different scenes for the film. At this point we also talked about different equipment we could need for the production of this film too.

storyboard (2)

For our film’s location we discussed two possible options, MediaCity and Alexandra Park.  We later decided to shoot in Alexandra Park because we thought it would work better with the narrative and we wouldn’t need to consider as many health and safety issued compared to the MediaCity campus. A generic Risk Assesment was filled out for this shoot too.

In regards to dialogue, we planned on not having that much as we didn’t feel it was necessary for the film. However we planned on recording location sound as well as any dialogue we feel could work and also discussed adding sound effects and music that would suit the genre of the film in the post-production stage.

Here is the call sheet that was created which details the shooting schedule, location, cast and crew, the general outline of the film as well as the dress code and all of the props we would need on the day:

CMP Film

Shoot Date – 19th April 2017, 3pm

Shoot Location – Alexandra Park, Moss Side, Manchester

Crew – Hussam Albahar, Joe Pye, Emma Farr, Amanda Hession.

Cast – Twins, Hussam’s friend and some crew members.

  • Main character – Slightly arrogant person, completely glued to his phone and ignores people who try interact with him. Played by both twins.
  • Shopkeeper – An upbeat individual who attempts to greet the protagonist but is made unhappy when ignored. Played by Hussam’s friend.
  • Extras – People who rush into the accident scene trying to help, acting very distressed. Played by crew members and any other people available.

Outline – The film begins as the main character leaves his house, puts his headphones in and starts listening to some music whilst setting off on his journey to work. He glances up from his phone to say “Hi” as he passes by a neighbour but he gets no reply. He tries again however the man completely blanks him, puzzled he continues his journey. Up ahead he notices a commotion as a group of people are panicking by the side of the road. His neighbour rushes past him towards the crowd, so the protagonist decides to follow. He notices a car parked awkwardly on the side of the road with a very distressed looking driver holding his head in his hands. The protagonist attempts to ask another onlooker what happened but again, no response. The main character then begins to panic and barges through the crowd to see what has happened. Laying on the ground is himself, dead. Looking distraught and confused, the main character tries to think back to work out what has happened.

The film rewinds to earlier that day when the protagonist begins his actual journey to work. He exits the house whilst having a phone conversation with someone.

“…yeah, yeah sure I’ll be there in time. Fine, maybe only five minutes late (laughs). Okay then, see you soon mate, bye.”

Again he begins his journey listening to music and on his way you see him glued to his phone, not looking where he is going at all. He even walks past and completely ignores a friendly neighbour who attempts to greet him. The protagonist is then seen walking towards a road, still busy texting or tweeting on his smartphone. Without looking for cars he attempts to cross the road. Suddenly a screech of tyres and a loud horn can be heard just as the protagonist looks up to see the oncoming car. Cuts to black.

The film fades back to the first scene where the protagonist is upset as he now remembers what has happened. The protagonist then looks down and laying in his bloody hand, a mobile phone. The final shot is a wide shot where the ghost protagonist has disappeared to show the crowd of people surrounding his real body.  

Dress Code – Main character will be smart casual as he is heading to work, twins need to have a similar, if possible same, top or jacket to maintain continuity. 

Extras to just wear casual clothes.

Props – Mobile phone, headphones, car, football, fake blood. 

The film will be edited this week and posted to the Blog very soon so make sure to stay updated!

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