For a second assignment of our module Creative Media ,we have been tasked to create a media artefact by remixing existing media,so i decided to create something from reality using mixture of different techniques that represents facts that i personally experienced and might be hidden to majority of the new generation.

As we all know that president Donald Trump banned recently 7 muslim countries to enter the USA ,and then afterwards and suddenly he dropped Iraq from the list,so I intended to highlight his contradictory view about Iraq and his intentions about this country.I also focused on how he forgets that Iraq is destroyed and became no country according to his words ,because of the ex-presidents’ mistakes.Then I tried to justify why is Iraq is dropped from the list by illustrating his speeches in several occasions recently showing his intentions to take the oil from my country and how is the conspiracy is continuing.
There are significant reasons encourage me to choose this topic,and my main target is the new generation as i wanted to show my class mates and everyone who gonna watch this video how we as Iraqis are suffering since 25 years because of personal mistakes,wrong decisions and misjudment.

I have watched several remixed videos about political subjects and especially about Iraq.I also searched for old speeches of Clinton , Bush and his father.I looked for old footages from the war in order to find the appropriate ones .I also listened to the recent Trump speeches and his interviews.lastly I had a read through human rights organisations that stating Iraq losses.

After few days of research and watching different videos on YouTube,I started downloading and renaming each video depending on the keywords that I need from each video ,for example if video about Bush announces the war of 91 ,I named it Bush-aanounce-war-91.

I used Adobe Priemer and Adobe Audtion as main editing programs for the video .
I started to put shots in order to get meaningful flow depending on the message i aimed to deliver.
I started with different shots of news stating the main problem which in this case the ban of 7 Muslim countries.Then I emphasised the last shot of the news by highlighting Iraq map and zoom in to it in order to attract the viewer to my main subject ,which is Iraq.Then I exaggerated Trump shot when he said “there is no Iraq ” and made this as start point where Bush reminds him about the past by illustrating videos from the war showing the role of the USA government to make Iraq no country!

I enhanced shots where Bush get contradictory or to highlight some important data ,I used hold frame technique .scale ,basic colour grading and sound effect to do that.I also used lots of caption to make things more clear and understandable

Audio levels
All the clips I downloaded coming from different sources and therefor they were on different levels ,so I balanced them closer as i can using Adobe Premiere and in some places Adobe Audition ,the overall headroom was between -3 to -6 db.

Music & Effects
I used free copy right music and effects from the iMovie library ,the style of the music was mysterious/dark and i thought will fit in the edit as it demonstrates conspiracy feeling.The effect I used was also dark and enhances the bad moments in the shot as well as attract the focus of the viewer.

Enjoy the Video

Banned No7

Hussam Albahar


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